Let’s just take it from the top what’s your full name what’s your artist name and where you from?

Joshua Donaldson better known as retro jet from Highland Park Michigan.

Some of your accomplishments in music and biggest body of work?

“I started writing at 14 years old building my confidence a few years ago in 2015 I got my first placement with (Boldy James) on one of his projects and I opened my eyes to the potential and opportunities I had as an individual songwriter and artist. I am currently working on my first project. Songwriting first definitely has given me the confidence and put a step forward in the game. Understanding and learning from Artists is the best way to get in while you fit in while trying to find your own lane.”

Where do you see your career going in 2020?

“Everything changes with the way everyone has had to sit down because of the virus now streams are going up and now it’s a different way for us to pivot and market so I see myself having a successful 2020 based on the fact that I can now give the people what I feel they deserve and are looking forward to hearing from an artist from our market. Promotion is important you can do everything from the house and everyone is on their phones right now so consumption being at an all-time high it’s time for me to drop!”

Where did your artist name come from?

“Retro comes from the old school style and I am a huge Jordan fan, it is definitely a homage to the (OG ’23’ MJ) a while ago because of my fashion sense and how I rock my look people started calling me that and it stuck. On a serious note, I made a promise to God while battling diabetes in the hospital if I made it out of there alive I would use my life for the purpose I knew deep down I have the potential for. Fashion is huge to me and starting my clothing line while working on my sound is key to success and getting the money the right way and keeping it.”

Do you see yourself staying in this market?

“Hell yeah! Our city needs folks like me who are ready to give back to the hood and stay solid without leaving and abandoning our neighborhoods I want to push that agenda for sure. “


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