What motivated you to pursue music?

“My friends made music and I wanted their group.”

What was the name of the group and is that when invented your sound?

“ The name of the group was “ SquareCrew” and that was when I first started making music back in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2015 that I found my sound. I’d describe it as conscious pop/R&B.”

Which song of yours renders with you the most?

“ My song, ‘Home.’

Awesome and speaking of home. Is where you were born and raised to have an effect on your music and how?

“ I was born and raised in Detroit but moved a lot so I’ve always felt like a drifter. It can help or help or hurt my music because of a detached perspective that you won’t understand until you really sit down and listen.”

Would you say being a drifter allowed fate to choose you to be the flow of your career
And is that how you got your name?

“Well actually, I didn’t really choose my name like I didn’t choose the music lifestyle. The name came to [me] one day [when] I went to Atlanta to perform after my first song “ Milkduds & Asscheeks” won me a contest to perform at a club and have a radio interview.”

So where do you see your career going from here?

“Honestly, I don’t think about that too often. I’m really present-minded but I’m sure it’ll be a spiritual adventure.”

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