“As an artist, I wake up determined not to fail, the goal is to succeed in anything I do.”  Says upcoming artist Samantha Lipscomb AKA Briqs from Detroit, MI has always been set on following her dreams and faith through God, anything is possible. Briqs not only raps but her singing voice is well known for bringing her own music to life. Having a music background, from being in the band and choir, the love for music was already there she says and she was hooked ever since.


What makes Briqs Special is the positive vibes and energy wherever she goes, she’s committed to keeping not only herself, but others happy with her talent and conversations. As music runs through her blood, her inspiration to further her talent in rap and singing was her friend Angelique Smith AKA AceEazy who raps herself. She believed Briqs had what it took to be a successful artist. It only took one day of playing around raping in front of her that she knew a talent couldn’t go to waste. Briqs is fairly new in the music industry, especially in rap she says, but that doesn’t stop her from working on new projects to get her name out there. She has a few singles out on Youtube called  GUAP, ON TIME, HEADLINER and CAN’T FACE ME following up with working on her first EP.


Briqs always finds the time to sign up to perform at showcases and open mic nights to help people get to know her better as well as her talent and experience for future adventures. Briqs goal for her music is to have a meaningful impact on others and for her audience to feel her vibes and energy, to connect in a way that other artists have and haven’t. She wants her music to be about experiences, fears, fantasies and dreams; Both on a raping level and singing. Her relationship with faith also makes her solitary to the most high, (God) apart from believing in herself; She knows that God will lead her to the right direction if it’s meant for her, she says. She feels that good quality music is her mojo. With her sense of musicality, she says, “Hearing good instrumentals that can convert into live instruments is what acquires her to write creatively as well as being a smoker is always a plus”. Briqs never stops to achieve what she wants but pushes herself to be the best she can be. “Being a new artist isn’t scary, being the artist of your dreams is.” Follow Briqs Squad on social media handles below.


Instagram: @official_Briqs


Guap – Briqs


On Time – Briqs


Headliner – Briqs


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