As an independent artist, how did you choose which management/publication to work with and when did you start working with the company?

I teamed up with TopShelfOrDie Late 2019 in December to further my brand as well as see more opportunities as an independent artist. What TopShelfOrDie does for me, is market my image to different brand ambassadors as far as clothing, cannabis, sponsors, etc. Also In the aspect of the music industry, I’ve been able to reach more artists through TSOD than before just working alone. TopShelfOrDie also publishes my music to different companies such as radio, stations, film editors, and more to further my brand.

That being said, in what ways do you think your music will shine a light on the need for more artists in your genre?

I feel that me being real and authentic and really making songs to help others whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally but to have an effect on something in those ways could spread the light more. I feel artists have to be true and genuine to themselves first because at the end of the day the music is going out into the word and you can’t get it back so why not put out something that gives off good energy and vibes to others.

Do you believe the political forces in music properly shine a light on independent artists like yourself and what ways should that improve?

I’m not really a political person but I do believe everyone has a right to an opinion and to think freely and that should be respected, but people should also respect facts as well and not go against it. In my opinion, I feel though as an independent artist since we have a lot more power to speak out than others, we should build different types of opportunities to get more people to function together to have a more delicate outcome.


Speaking of power, what are your thoughts on the BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement and its impact on the music industry?

I feel the BLM movement is a major movement for change starting within our communities to build up my brothers and sisters to know that we mean more to this world than just a statistic. Moving further along in the music industry I feel that It will be a big shift on how people would shape their deals with certain companies or how people will work with each other, I feel like if everyone is honest with who they are and is upfront instead of so many hidden agendas things will function properly but until everyone comes to an understanding of what the destruction is and how we could fix it, then things won’t shift in the right direction that it intends to be!



In which direction, would you want your music career to go in?

I want my music career to expand into different aspects of fashion to design clothing, also I want to start programs for the youth to have opportunities at an early age and be instilled with the right education because they are the ones after us. I want to also invest in different black-owned businesses because I want to see others’ dreams come alive so they’ll be able to help the next person.


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