Asaka The Renegade
  1. Devil’s Diary (Intro)(feat. Sam Watson)
  2. Zuu Talk
  3. On My Soul (feat. Lamar Turner, Sam Watson)
  4. Way Up ( feat. MLN Nate, Young’n Destined, Nessy The Rilla)
  5. Sun Therapy (Interluide)
  6. The Storm
  7. Soular (feat. Stan III)
  8. Prana
  9. Need and Wants (feat. Raven)
  10. All For Me
  11.  All Bad (armand Interlude)
  12. Let You
  13. Find Out
  14. Marathon
  15. Corner Store
  16. Gotta Make It (feat. Chavis Chandler, Zuu)
  17. Fairfax Story (Bonus Track)
  18. Cap (Bonus Track(
Asaka The Renegade