Cha$eDxpe new single “Sauce” is available now to listen too, with Cha$eDxpe working with Tthe Label MONEY MOB TAL3NT. This single “Sauce” has the vibe to get you thinking about your swagger, luxury and goals in life to fulfill those dreams and aspirations. In addition to his single, Cha$eDxpe EP FOREVER will be released later this year which includes his new single “Sauce” and features like $TONEYROCKS MIKE GOOD$, $TONEYROCKS TRA$HDAWG, $TONEYROCKS DONYAI VON, and $TONER$UP ALL I CAN $AY! Are all coming. Click on the link below to listen to  Cha$eDxpe Loser EP and follow Cha$eDxpe on all social. 



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Kayla Smith


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