The Lobby, hip-hop and rap group from Detroit, Mi, release their new EP – “Aura”. The project features 6 songs, featuring all their members Freebxll Will, Freebxll Rome, Kerwin Clemens, Milf Melly, and Demigod Music. The Lobby, based out of Detroit, Michigan, has a unique sound and translates the stories of struggle in the city. The EP “Aura” more info about The Lobby can be found here – The Lobby | IG:



1. Number-Nine

2. Life on MArs

3. 21

4. By Any Means

5. Celine

6. Thru The Hills



Freebxll Will- Artist
Freebxll Rome- Artist
Kerwin Clemens- Artist/Producer
Milf Melly – Artist/Producer
Joseph Cook – Artist/Graphic Designer
Demigod Music -Artist




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