Taylor Bentley, from the westside of Detroit, “4-1 all day” as she says, is all around musically inclined and is making her way to the top with her rapping and singing. The arts of all kinds, and life inspired her to pursue music. She has been rapping since she was 8 years old, starting producing at 13 years old and been on the move ever since. Taylor believes that music changes her perspective of life when she puts her feelings on a beat, and that’s where she shines, not only through her looks and personality but, with her lyrics and emotional connection to the song. Taylor has singles and visuals that she’ll be releasing for the world to hear with her up coming fall project Queen Cheeba but, more is to come from Taylor Bentley as she has more plans up her sleeve for the future. She wants to get her YouTube and vlog up an running, perform on big stages and big festivals. She said “Honestly, I just want to take over the music industry.”

Does Taylor Blentley sound like an artist you want to add to your playlist? You can find her music on SoundCloud and YouTube, and while your add it, follow her on all social platforms below to keep up with her future projects.

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