What’s your stage name, how did you come up with it? where did it come from?

They call me Bravo Billions, from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, now living here in Brooklyn, NY. “I made my own name”, “Bravo” draws from acquiring respect and applause, and my ability to entertain people, “Billions” speaks to the number of lives I want to touch, and also how much money I want.”

What is your craft, what is your creative passion?

“I started off as a Guitarist, and over the years I became an engineer, as a music artist, I write and produce Spanglish Hip-Hop & RnB, and amongst all those things I’m also a clothing designer.”

How do you find balance across all your crafts and what inspires your creativity?

Before I began working with clothing, it took finding the passion and drive within myself to work on music. When the passion or music dwindled for me whatever reason, it was then when I started looking for other mediums of art to satisfy my creative-self. Clothing was something that always naturally appealed to me, like, I’ve always wanted to dress-fly and I have had lots of homies who were dope at making clothes, from scratch. So I naturally attracted to it and dove into it headfirst. So now when I don’t feel like doing music I do clothes, and when I don’t feel like creating clothes I create music, so they fuel each other.”

With your unique cross-blend of clothing and music, how would you describe your genre?

“My genre of music is, New Wave Spanglish Hip-Hop & RnB, I consider my music to be contemporary with some of the biggest music artists in the Spanish community, Bad Bunny out of Carolina, Puerto Rico. “

“The clothing I create now are all one-of-ones, and the fabrics and patterns I select and make by hand. Some pieces are avant-garde, runway, or casual, so like my music, I think my clothing crossed genres too.”

Do you have an artist that you credit as influential in defining your artistic style?

“Absolutely, I would credit Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Jhay Cortez, and Jonzmen are killing the game, even A.Chal from Queens, NY, now in LA. When I heard his project with “Round whippin”, and “Matrix”, that really put me on to a whole new level for the possibilities with Spanglish music, so I was really excited when I heard him, that was 2015.”

What keeps you motivated and focused?

“The will for my name to become a household name definitely is one thing I think about. My clothing brand is called “Bye Billions”, and that name represents my last impression on people before I die. So imagining a day when “Bye Billions” is recognized. all over the world is something that pushes my crafts and design work to be like something no one has ever done. The music for me is a universal langue for me to connect to everyone’s heart and soul directly, that is what the music is for, and not where the money comes from. It’s about the passion to spread a message, and synergize with those who have come before and are amongst me.”


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