When was this clothing brand established? How many years?

2011… [so] 9 years now.

How did your brand name come about and where does your inspiration for your fashion line come from? 

I created the brand name in 2011, the first name was OUCH, that was for my skateboarding ways, then I changed it to OW like OWWW when you get hurt, but over time we needed more meaning and depth so it changed to Original Work.

What message do you want to convey in the fashion industry as a black-owned company? 

Message I wanna convey is that with repetition and hard work anything is possible, life could change in a short period of time 

In what way has the pandemic impacted your business? 

The pandemic has changed our online sales and boosting it at-least 50% cause everyone is doing way more online shopping.

In which direction do you which your empire to be in years from now?

I see my brand becoming a world wide brand, different than anything and always limited and not easily accessible.

What are two of the most important things you’ve learned as a growing business? 

I’ve learned how to talk to people better and how to market and interact with people with clothing and promoting.

Any words to fashion designers and those perusing their goals in the fashion industry?

I’ve been doing this for a while now my best advice is to never stop and keep on going. And fun with it, if you truly love fashion you’ll love anything in this field.

Nyxx Mist


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