We want you to check out this dope artist straight out of Ypsilanti ‘Kennon’ Kenny Davis age 21 got his start in music 6 years ago. Has immense inspiration from his family’s biggest influences came from his Father, Godfather, and Uncle with a mix of Motown, Old school ex. ( Supremes ) and the hip hop influence he owes to his Uncle introducing a young Kenny to Notorious BIG. When asked about his favorite artists he immediately rebuttals with “J. Cole is my Idol” his raw out of pocket talent, diversity and versatility drew him in. From our interview, we definitely will be keeping an eye on this artist’s future projects with anticipated Solo drops coming in Fall/ Winter 2020.

His current released projects titles are “Summer’s Over” & “Lanes” with collaborator “Mike Anthony” under C.O.V.E. And an exclusive track “Truth”

Check out these drops and let us know what you think in the comments of this article!

Hear Summers Over 2016 https://soundcloud.com/mikeanthonyyo/sets/summers-over-2016, a playlist on #SoundCloud.

Kenny Davis x Mike Anthony- Closure (prod. by SquaeWicked) by Kenny Davis https://soundcloud.com/user-733528733/kenny-davis-x-mike-anthony-closure-prod-by-squaewicked on #SoundCloud

Truth by Kenny Davis https://soundcloud.com/user-733528733/truth on #SoundCloud



(Kenny Davis Music)



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