An Artist that never stops grinding and pushing his pen lyrically not only for his passion for Hip- Hop but, for all you Hip- Hop listeners, this artist is coming for your head. Darien Vaughn AKA D.Vaughn The Illest from Flint, Michigan and senior at Eastern Michigan University. D.Vaughn The Illest is well known on campus and locally, and will give you a performance with or without the mic. He takes every opportunity to perform, write, and work on his craft to better himself as an artist. D.Vaughn The Illest already has three mixtapes out,
3 Stripes & A Microphone, Adidas Hearts & Heartbreaks and Only For The Ill Ones following up with his first released album, Napoleon Complex as the first signed rap artist to Multitude Records as of December 5, 2018. D.Vaughn The Illest hasn’t stop yet, with also pushing his creativity and thinking outside of the box, this July his Five5 Tape will be him spitting straights bars for your heads, as D.Vaughn says “bring your neck braces and other protective gear, because I have that head nod shit.”

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  1. “I take Flint veryseriously,” Vaughn said. “I’ve seen people fall into a deep, dark abyss, and I’ve seen people fall into the same statistic that Flint kids have. When I come back to Flint, I’ll be able to make something better out of it. I’ll be able to fix it. Bro, if you make it big and make something out of yourself, why not help your community? Why not help the place that literally made you?”