Raised on the Detroit Westside, Mike Anthony has been a talented artist since he was a kid, stretching back 10 to 12 years as an artist. When I asked about, ‘Finding your unique sound?’ Mike stated he always knew what sound he was looking for. In collaboration with 3525 Studios in Detroit, MI , Mike Anthony infused his signature sound with the right research and adaptability, comfortably crossing genres, and ultimately creating a joint with ( Kenny Davis) titled ‘Summers Over 2016’ available on SoundCloud & YouTube.


As an artist, Mike Anthony has expressed the urgency to give people music that they can relate to which can take a look into his personal life and experiences. Since the Covid-19, many have faced challenges and a slowed the pace of everyday life and activities, however, since linking with 3525 studios Mike Anthony is recording new music, as we read! “Content is Key” in Mike’s eyes, and he is getting all of it ready, upcoming are some strategic drops of new singles leading up to a project titled “Faith”, after reviewing his previous works we can tell you this young man has made a fan out of the Wave Culture Team! 

When asked about his support system he was excited to say that it has been growing overtime always has been excepted and pushed to follow his dreams. “Staying productive in the artist community and having a quality studio relationship is extremely important to keep healthy with good energy, it has to be a Safe haven” to create in his words the guys at 3525 Studios make it easy and effortless to create. 


Kenny Davis x Mike Anthony- Closure (prod. by SquaeWicked) by Kenny Davis https://soundcloud.com/user-733528733/kenny-davis-x-mike-anthony-closure-prod-by-squaewicked on #SoundCloud



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