Mike Fate, an African American song writer, rapper, and model, showing the world that anything is possible, no matter, your race, or background. A young man from Detroit, Michigan focusing on finding a path to direct his life goals and music and modeling were the main few. Normally, music inspires people by a particular Artist, lyrics, history, or maybe just an on going fan but, Mike Fate has a different inspiration. Mike was inspired to do music though his spiritual path which not only made him conquer and endure all things through life but, motivated him to see everything clearly. It pushed him to make 9 music projects in total, with his last being self titled because he felt it to be more personal to him. He believes his music’s is an outlet for his message to humanity and unconditional love. I believe the world goes around through unconditional love for one another, even through good or bad. Expressing unconditional love through music, brings a sense of hope, happiness and positivity to ones way to live. Music isn’t the only thing that Mike Fate does for his enjoyment and others to vibe too, but his modeling plays a role in his life as well, with a tough world we live in, Mike’s says modeling stems from having self esteem issues surrounding his skin complexion and him overcoming them, to be beautiful inside and out. I conclude, that modeling is a good way to boost your self esteem and show others that, you don’t have to be the ideal man or women that society portrays is beautiful, because you already are. I believe Mike Fate is an inspiration towards anyone like him and through his love for music and modeling he shines for those to seek a spiritual path, motivation and self love which will enable your ability to fulfill at any goals.

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