D.Vaughn The Illest “Ruthless Aggression” (Music Video)


D.Vaughn The Illest, Hip Hop visionary, fan and all-time enthusiast, has brought to you his first music video “Ruthless Aggression” off his first made album Napoleon Complex. September 1, 2019 “Ruthless Aggression” was released on YouTube for all his adorn Hip Hop fans. In addition to this project being for his fans, performing, rapping and writing this project was nothing short but ingenious. His song “Ruthless Aggression” to me, elucidate him showing no pity and readiness to attack and confront anyone who thinks they can overshadow him, lyrically or by any means necessary. Aside from the bars mentally hitting you in the head, his music video shows almost all of who D.Vaughn The Illest is and who he will further become as an artist. His album Napoleon Complex furthermore explains D.Vaughn The Illest in 3 stages as a person. A thespian, a rapper and an entertainer, I would also conclude a singer as well, all circling around Napoleon Complex. As D.Vaughn The Illest says “Tallness don’t fit me.” It doesn’t mean I won’t lyrically or talentedly rip you into shreds. It’s never too late to watch “Ruthless Aggression” on YouTube if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to follow D.Vaughn The Illest on all social platforms below as well as getting Napoleon Complex on all music platforms.

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