Anthony Smith, AKA TonyGotTheMunchies has been rapping for a while and is known around the Detroit area. He is persistently on his grind towards his music and his listeners. TonyGotTheMunchies songs include, Beauty N Tha Struggle, Guilty, Munchies, and I Forgot Freestyle. These songs all circled around one important thing, the beauty in the struggle, just like his song says, Beauty N Tha Struggle. Each song intertwined with each other with expressing: hard work, determination, success, downfalls, money and the obstacle of following your dreams.Delivering quality sound and flow of TonyGotTheMunchie’s bars display his expressions in his words, the role of his tongue to give keenest of how he relates the song to his life, either past or future. Beauty N Tha Struggle talks about a goal he sets for himself and how it comes with making moves, praying, working hard and all about a dollar. To succeed in life you have to struggle a little, put in work and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


The song Guilty talks about how TonyGotTheMunchies vision for rapping came about, trying to get himself out to the world and helping others with the same dream get to the top. Anthony says in his song “If we help each other, we’ll execute  the vision, study up complete the formula, cause you can’t say you got it until you get what you were wanting.” Following up with his song Munchies, covering him growing up with a dream and wanting to work towards that dream but, struggled along the way with turning obstacles. He says in the song that he “feels like he got it all, but he wants it all.” “If you not popping, nobody fucks with you.” They don’t know it all, it’s time to show them that we got it.” He’s expressing that, though there are haters and some may not like your music, you still push yourself, no matter how hard you’re grinding, as long as you believe in your music and you’re working, you’re winning through your struggle. He says in his song that “he been the gold mine, he just had to believe in it.” I Forgot Freestyle track talks about TonyGotTheMunchies life experiences, life lessons, haters and growing up in Detroit. Sounds like an Artist you might be interested in listening to? Follow him on all social platforms below.


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